Floatastic, by QASTIC
A new, lighter-than-air structure
For dynamic temporary pavilions
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Fabulous lighter-than air pavilions, made to order in New Haven, Connecticut

We Customize

We’ll create and manufacture pavilions to your specifications

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Worldwide! Standard designs can be delivered in as little as four weeks

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We’ll inflate and assemble your pavilion anywhere, anytime more



Designed by QASTIC Labs, Floatastic combines cutting-edge scientific innovation with world-class aesthetic sensibility. Constructed of durable non-toxic PVC and supported by helium, this fun and beautiful product will make an excellent addition to your next wedding, party, or corporate event.


This specially-designed floating architecture achieves buoyancy through the parametric optimization of mass, shape, and microclimate. It is offered in several standard sizes and adaptable to a wide variety of situations and uses. Every pavilion is made to order; several material and color choices are available.


Established on 2010, QASTIC Labs is a New York-area architecture and industrial design practice focused on innovative and artistic design solutions, executed with attention to material fabrication and unparalleled craftsmanship, undertaken in a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.


QASTIC Labs world-class design staff combines over 20 years of experience in the design industry, which is available to you seven days a week to help make your Floatastic vision a reality.

The ligher than air pavilion system
from QASTIC Labs
Constructed of durable PVC fabric
Supported by safe, non-flammable helium
Made of standard parts
Customizable to your needs


Junior Pavilion

$3500 to buy, $2500 to rent

25' by 25'
  • Provides 625 square feet of coverage
  • Excellent for 20-30 person banquets
  • Good for small weddings or garden parties (up to 40 guests)
  • Can accommodate 60 cocktail party guests or 75 seated people

Long Pavilion

$7000 to buy, $4000 to rent

25' BY 50'
  • 1250 square feet of coverage
  • Excellent for 40-50 person banquets
  • Great for medium sized weddings or garden parties (up to 75 guests)
  • Can accommodate 100 cocktail party guests or 125 seated people

Super Pavilion

$14000 to buy, $8000 to rent

50' BY 50'
  • 2500 square feet of coverage
  • Excellent for 100-125 person banquets
  • Great for large weddings or garden parties (up to 150 guests)
  • Can accommodate 250 cocktail party guests or 300 seated people

Passage Pavilion

$3500 to buy, $2000 to rent

10' BY 50'
  • 500 square feet of coverage
  • Great for use as a linear passage
  • Easily aggregates to create custom-length coverings
  • Available in various shapes

Custom designed pavilions are offered on a cost per square foot basis, plus an hourly design consultation fee. Please contact us for more details.


Products are delivered from our facility in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production. Prices are in US Dollars and do not include applicable taxes or duties, insurance, helium gas, or shipping and handling. Neither QASTIC Labs nor Floatastic LLC assume any liability for the use of Floatastic products, which are sold as-is and without warranty. Insurance, international taxes, the provision of helium, and assembly are the responsibility of the customer. Professional installation assistance is available for the cost of labor, travel and accommodations.


Samuel Ray Jacobson


Originally trained as an architect, Sam has designed award-winning buildings in in the United States and Korea as well as numerous exhibitions. He joined QASTIC Labs in October and is an alum of MIT and Rice University.

Mahdi Alibakhskian

Mahdi Alibakhshian holds a Master’s in Advanced Architectural Design from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied on a Fulbright  scholarship; his design focused on understanding materials, applying computational techniques for achieving dynamic design systems.


Reza Zia


Reza Zia is by far the coolest person in this group. He has degrees in architecture from Columbia and Islamic Asad University.


Well-fabricated… surrealistic and breathtaking!


Super cool… Unique, for sure – and hypnotizing!

Glamour Weddings

Reach out to QASTIC!


I love this upside down thinking – it’s brilliant!

Digital Flaneuring

Refugio temporal…!



If you have a project you would like to discuss,
get in touch with us.

We offer several standard designs.  Products are delivered from New Haven and shipped worldwide. Custom design services are available, contact us for details.

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